We Are Rainne


After knowing and performing with each other for the past eight years, remarkable pop vocalist Annie Dingwall and highly-accomplished saxophonist Justin Klunk finally decided to fully embrace their magnificent on-stage chemistry and make the move we’ve all been waiting for, to unite as one band. And they call themselves RAINNE.

It’s been a long journey for them to get to this point. Dingwall and Klunk met each other at Grammy Camp in Los Angeles and continued to foster their friendship and mutual music abilities at the University of Southern California where they both graduated with a degree in Pop Music. 

Since then, both Dingwall and Klunk have enjoyed successful careers as separate musical entities. Klunk has spent his time traveling the world, on tour with pop sensations like Ariana Grande and Saint Motel. Meanwhile, Dingwall celebrated her successes as a single-female-pop-vocalist, performing, releasing two EPs and writing epic songs like “Taking Over”, which was featured on the primetime ABC television show American Crime.

But no matter where their talents took them, Dingwall and Klunk always reconvened to perform with each other, filling popular LA venues like The Hotel Café and The Troubadour with listeners who were eager to hear their affective moody-pop sound. RAINNE combines Dingwall’s raw, clear, and just plain beautiful voice with Klunk’s alluring sax melodies, establishing a mood that elevates pop music to a deeper emotional level.

From soft, hypnotizing runs and soothing sax melodies to vengeful breakup anthems, you will see that RAINNE isn’t just another moody pop duo, they’ve got grit and spunk too. They’ve got that thing we all want to see in a band but so rarely see today: honorable charisma.









RAINNE - "PETTY" (Debut Single)

"Maneater" by Hall & Oates - Acoustic Cover

Live Performance EPK 2018


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